For over three decades our world-renowned experts and authorities – a highly trained and specialized team of architectural and engineering consultants – have participated in a wide range of projects for both the commercial and residential sectors. Our work spans the entire eastern seaboard, across the country and around the world with our primary client-base being in the mid-Atlantic region.

Because we have procured an intricate network of consultants we can offer even the most specialized expertise on any project wherever it is needed.

Our unparalleled expertise and experience…our undisputed integrity…and the respect we have earned for our superior workmanship, smart solutions and dedication to finding the answers. Uncovering answers is a monumental task for such areas as forensic engineering, due diligence and facilities engineering among others – and for Vannoy & Associates, being thorough is not an option, it’s a requirement.

We believe in building customer relationships so that you achieve the maximum level of comfort possible with our team. Developing trust is the cornerstone of every relationship and to build that trust requires one-to-one interaction. Therefore, on every project we manage, you are assured that at least one of our principals will spearhead, if not supervise, all investigations and efforts. And, to further increase your level of confidence, our professionals have been highly trained and educated in the specialty areas of practice within the consulting engineering field.